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Arrow uitlaat dempers set (EC-Race)

€ 579.00


Street Thunder

Last generation of street bikes are made following a precise design and style idea, giving a fundamental importance in using the smaller exhaust systems possible, placed in some “non-conventional” position. These styling and design features have an impact also on after-market parts, to use the smallest exhausts possible. Arrow decided to use for several street bikes’ silencers a section initially designed for a completely different “world” and the Street-Thunder range was born. Street Thunder silencers are available in titanium, carbon fiber and aluminum, with the endcap (with a fully renewed design) available in stainless steel or carbon. To compensate for the lower internal volume, research and tests have been done on racetracks and in Arrow’s R&D, looking for the better materials available in the market for noise reduction. Street Thunder silencer are light and powerful, they are available as slip on systems or as a part of the full system (with Arrow collectors) and are available also in a street legal versions, with removable baffle.



Design and style are subject to changes and evolution, following technology advances and also trends of the moment. Despite this, cylindrical silencers are still popular, expecially for some applications. Arrow’s Round-Sil line design was improved, anyway, replacing the “old-style” external exit pipes (coming out from the silencer rear cap) with a new rear endcap, providing a different look, available for some application also in carbon fiber. Round-sil silencers, available in titanium and carbon fiber (silencers available diameters are 85mm and 98mm), ensure a weight saving of 30/40% with respect to the original silencers. These silencers are easy to fit and are available in most applications in a street legal version, with removable baffle.



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