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Arrow uitlaat systeem. +/- CAT. (EC-Race)

€ 731.00

Collectors and pipes are a most important component of an exhaust system, making it possible to reach very important gains in terms of power and torque. Made in AISI 304 stainless steel and, for competition Full Titanium systems, in titanium, Arrow collectors design comes from the experience gained and the results achieved in years of races at all levels, with the un-replaceable “touch” of the master mechanics working in the R&D: diameters, sections, bends, section changes weldings and layout are carefully designed and developed on the bike to create a product with high performance, durable, reliable and with the unique Arrow style.


  • Jet-Race nichrom silencer with carby end cap
  • Silencer material stainless steel Dark
  • Rear endcap material carbon fibre
  • Silencer inner parts material stainless steel
  • Silencer mounting welded mount
  • Silencer body lenght (mm) 300,00
  • Junction (inlet) diameter (mm) 54,00
  • Junction (outlet) diameter (mm) 50,00
  • Oxygen sensor plug
  • CO sensor plug
  • Db Killer SI Weight (Kg) 2,17


Hier onder kunt u een demo film bekijken van ARROW op diverse Yamaha modellen



ARROW Collector (+ midpipe):
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