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Furygan handschoenen LOW

€ 44.95

Furygan was founded in 1969 by Jacques Segura, the history of Furygan has been forged into passion for excellence and commitment. Fury "Gant" (the French word for gloves). At the time, Furygan also became one of the suppliers for the French army in terms of technical equipment such as parachutists’ leather helmets and gloves for snipers and infantry – which to this day is still the case. The basics of the company still remain: an innovative spirit, a passion for leather craftsmanship, as well as any technical inputs that could bring more safety, comfort and style to motorcyclists, and above all, a will to never compromise when it comes to safety.



Main external material : Polyester and Polyamide. The Furygan Low gloves have a modern and sporty look as well as offering superior comfort. Made from supple materials with strategically placed reinforcements and protection, they will be the first choice for many riders in summer




Leverbaar in de maten S tm 3XL. 

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