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S3 Cilinderkop

€ 95.00

S3 is the specialist in Trial and Enduro parts.

Innovation and high quality are the key words guiding the design of the elements that will make a difference. Tested in all conditions, the S3 products are at the cutting edge of technology and equip the best riders and trial teams.

Stars Head cylinder head kit S3 They are a top quality component and look stunning Made in 3 parts; using the best alloys available on the market, to obtain better output The advantage of these heads is that they hold more water and also the material is a lot thicker which helps with cooling which improves low down power slightly. Head Stars eliminate the hot points typically localized on cast heads. The different volume inserts gives the possibility to adjust perfectly the engine compression. You can change the inserts for lower or higher compression (using the same outer part). Ready to fit.


Available for the GasGas TXT 250-280-300 in red a €95,- en Sherco ST125 (black), ST250-290-300 (blue),  Scorpa TY125 in black and 300 Twenty in bue a €108,-.


Please note your bike in the order.


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